California Raw Milk Act of 2008

My friends and family know that I am not a fan of milk, nor do I think people should drink it on a daily basis. Thanks to the pasteurization process, the milk on today’s grocery shelves is devoid of any worthwhile vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or probiotics (with the exception of the synthetic Vitamin D that is added after processing). Plus, if your milk is not organic, it is filled with the residue of numerous antibiotics, pesticides, fertilizers and high amounts of synthetic estrogen (that your body recognizes as the real thing) from the growth hormones. In addition, the majority of people are lactose intolerant—for good reason, as adults are not supposed to be drinking milk—we got over that as a baby.

However, milk can be a very nutritious supplement to your diet if it has never gone through the damaging, high temperature pasteurization process. Raw milk is not only chock full of nutrients like calcium, but also the magnesium to support that calcium, and tons of very beneficial probiotics that help keep your intestines healthy and immune system strong. Numerous people have had health problems alleviated by switching to raw dairy.

Currently, raw milk is available in California in certain natural food stores or through dairy farm cooperatives, but it is expensive, obscure and there is no real standard of regulation. If purchasing raw dairy, it is very important that it comes from an impeccably clean facility with strict handling procedures.
The Fresh Raw Milk Act of 2008, Senate Bill 201, creates a new system for the regulation of raw milk. It will pioneer regulations that will ensure the safety of the products on the market, and not only give the opportunity to other dairy farms to clean up their act and participate in raw dairy market, but also give us the right to choose raw milk. Show your support of this ground breaking bill by calling the Governor Schwarzenegger’s office at 916-445-2841, or fax to 916-558-3160.
If you don’t live in California, but support the bill, call anyway! Remember, after a precedent is set, other states will follow suit. Let’s finally get some healthy milk on the shelves!

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