Shocking video about our food

I was reluctant to post this video due to the strong conspiracy theory tone, but the information on food additives, FDA approvals, Monsanto cross-breedings and the research is all true. Shockingly and disappointingly true. Please watch this video and learn from it. If you have ever wondered what the big deal is about buying organic and non-GMO, here are a bunch of reasons. And people can't seem to figure out why our infertility, autism, diabetes, IBS and cancer rates are higher than they have ever been.

Please do your grocery shopping at health-food stores, farmer's markets, Trader Joe's and/or Whole Foods. And even then, you still need to be vigilant with reading the ingredient lists.

Avoid the following ingredients at all costs: aspartame (really difficult to avoid as it is in nearly every sugar-free item, including most chewing gum and soda), monosodium glutamate (MSG), hydrogenated oils-especially cottonseed oil, Splenda and anything that takes more than a minute to try to pronounce. Yes, it takes extra time and effort when shopping, but this is your health and your future. So do whatever it takes to protect yourself.

This is hope out there. There is now more organic and non-GMO foods available than ever before. Farmer's markets are in nearly every city and there are watch-dog groups and certifying bodies to make sure you can find healthy foods.

Here are some links to informative sources:

The Non-GMO Project is a wealth of information on avoiding genetically modified foods and has a PDF shopping guide to help you at the store. There is even a free downloadable app.

The Organic Consumers Association has info on all things organic.

The Center for Food Safety keeps updated information of what is going on in the news and in courts about our food.

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